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A friendly guide to talking to your kids about intimacy and abuse

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As you already know, children and teenagers go through different stages of both physical and mental development, and their curiosity about body changes is growing. Studies show that talking openly with children about body, sex, pregnancy not only satisfies this curiosity, but also teaches them respect for their own body and gives them the strength to talk when someone behaves inappropriately towards them.
This guide comes with a number of suggestions, as well as references to useful materials to help you talk to your child in a positive way. The guide is addressed to both mothers and fathers, parents of girls and boys.
Dear parents, it’s natural to have questions and fears and to feel vulnerable when approaching these topics. Find support when you feel you can’t cope on your own. You can start the dialogue in your community by inviting those close to you to read this guide. As an African proverb says: It takes an entire village to raise a child.