Land of Digital news portal, a new source of inspiration for creatives

Web Design, Redesign & optimization, Component-based UI-kit


We built a news website dedicated to marketers and creatives alike. Land of Digital is an online platform dedicated to researching and sharing daily articles related to web and mobile technologies that can be used by marketers (advertising, marketing, media, digital, PR, and communication) to build more innovative campaigns, enhanced by the power of creativity and technology. The brief: Create a more personalized and fun news platform, redesigned from the ground up to fit how people consume news on the go.

For easier accessibility, we designed a flexible system where users can personalize their newsfeed by picking the tags they’re interested in. The goal was to create a personal, fun experience, with a retro techy vibe,  emphasized by vibrant neon colors.

Users can personalize their newsfeed by picking the topics and news channels they’re interested in.

We supplemented the brand with a clear, friendly, and easy to understand UI.