Website design for I Can Succeed, Too (#SiEuReusesc). Supporting women everywhere.

Web Design, Responsive, Illustration


This web design project is for #SiEuReusesc, a non-governmental organization working since 2004 to prevent and fight violence against women and children and to promote gender equality. It is based in Sibiu and unfolds both local and national activities.
For this project, the challenge was to design a feminine and powerful, calming, and hopeful place. Besides the web platform itself, we worked on illustrating different elements for the testimonials, video, and other web elements.
This project benefited from a really close relationship with the team from Si eu reusesc. With regular check-ins, friendly meetings, and quick sign-offs on adjustments and updates, this was a great experience for everyone involved. 

Prototyping, research and development of the website’s workflow and user map.

We supplemented the brand with a clear, friendly, and easy to understand UI.