Danziger Art Consulting represents exhibitions and tours them to museums around the world.

Web Design, UI/UX, Responsive


They brought a world-famous show of Andy Warhol to countries including Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Brazil, and traveled an exhibition of Warhol portraits to Las Vegas. The other exhibitions include masterpieces from the Sonnabend Collection Foundation, prints by Henri Matisse, ceramics by Pablo Picasso, sculptures by Jeff Koons, paintings by Tom Wesselmann, and early photography in Britain and France. 

A project very dear to our heart because it’s very closely connected to art history and contemporary, world renowned artists. Our tasks were to create a new website, compliant with ADA Regulations, that had all the focus on the private showcasing of exhibitions.  This project benefited from a really close relationship with the clients. With regular check-ins and quick sign-offs on adjustments and updates, this was a great experience for everyone involved. 

Danzinger art consulting website animation

We supplemented the brand with a minimalist, elegant, and easy to understand UI.

Maxxi, Rome art exhibition